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Time To Whip The Whitecaps

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OK boys and girls today our boys get to take on that team that they love to beat and that we love to watch them beat.  Yes once again those conspiracy toting visitors from the west coast the Vancouver Whitecaps are in town. There's nothing quite like playing Vancouver to get the team fired up and get the fans pumped up. There's just something really, really fun about beating them; maybe it's that it drives them crazy and of course the endless conspiracy theories after each loss are well, just hilarious.

And let's be honest; our boys need a win based off of a strong performance - OK any win will do but wouldn't a good trouncing be nice? - to lift their and our spirits after the less than stellar outing on Sunday.  And really there's no better team (well, except maybe Montreal) out of our growing list of bitter rivals than Vancouver to make a match have some underlying drama and emotion.

Vancouver of course are coming to town with revenge on their minds after our Reds once again won the Voyageurs Cup and left the poor Whitecaps without any shiny silverware to call their own (yes I'm doing an evil laugh as I type that).  The Van City team had come to town back in May assured that they were going to finally walk away with our (yes damn it, it's ours - try and take it away) trophy but of course the Reds put in one of their best games - what is it about Cup games anyway? - and convincingly won over Van City.

Tonight will likely be a scrappy affair as there is no love lost between these two teams and the last time they met things got well, a little heated shall we say? Of course that scuffle was capped (see what I did there?) by the spectacularly awful dive by Jun Marques Davidson and the tossing of Sebastien Le Toux.  And by the Amazing Invisible Man aka Eric Hassli - oh those were the days...And Hassli will indeed be invisible again tonight as he's been suspended for yellow card accumulation (pardon me while I laugh delightedly) and I'm back. 

This match is no sure thing - even though it's a Wednesday, at home, playing Vancouver - since you know Van City has only (only!) 20 more points than TFC, has only lost once in their last 5 games (and winning two) and well they're just better than TFC.  Don't think it's a walk because Hassli is out; Sebastien Le Toux is not one to ignore and he's joined some fairly talented folk up front (otherwise known as the Van City striker collective) with Camillo, Darren Mattocks and their new Scottish DP Barry Robson who although still adjusting to MLS play should not be discounted either as a threat off of the bench.

Does any of that matter? Not one bit - this is after all the team we love to torture - who wouldn't be ticked off when they continually lose to one of the worst teams in the league? And lost a major trophy to them as well? That boys and girls is the object of this particular match - tick off the Whitecaps.  Seriously. OK yes, the boys should be playing for the badge, the fans, their pride but really at the end of the day if they can do all of that AND irritate the Whitecaps? All the better; after all tradition is important in any sport and this one should certainly be carried on.  If only to keep tweaking their noses for yet another year. Fun!

I have hopes for this game; hopes of the "not crashing and burning" sense. I hope that Mariner meant what he said about making some changes to the lineup tonight; of course I hope that we don't see an entire starting XI of kids out there but that JDG and maybe Soolsma get some legitimate time on the pitch.  I also hope to not see that high line employed again until we have more solid and experienced defenders to execute it.  And I (and you too, admit it) hope that not only Danny scores but that Terry puts one past his old team; just for that final turn of the screw.

We've got a gorgeous night, a (hopefully) fired up team, a Wednesday night tradition - really what more could we ask for? Oh yeah, 3 points - yeah, we'd like that too. See you at BMO; be there or be a parallelogram. 


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