Saturday, August 25, 2012

Orange You Glad I Didn't Write A Negative Post?

Mood: Opting to laugh instead of whinge
State of Mind: Checking my head for awhile; also I may be sleep deprived
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                                      See? It could be worse.  We could all be Brian

Party time in Houston! Oh wait, that was the last trip.  I mean milk and cookies for everyone and in bed by 8pm with your teeth brushed and lights off! At least I hope that's what happened. I'm assuming that's what happened as no reports of scandalous - or even saucy - behaviour have surfaced.  Ah the Dynamo - the team that is to TFC what alcohol is to The Simpsons - the cause of and solution to all of life's problems. OK, maybe not the solution; alright definitely not - I just wanted to use the clip OK? Geez. Although that fateful trip did get the ball rolling on the exodus for Aceval and Soolmsa (Suarez forgot to loan him one of his nine lives) so that was a solution of sorts for Mariner & Co. - Yes, made it work!

I've been pretty doom and gloom of late so I'm striving for a more positive tone before tonight's match in Houston - bear with me; it's been awhile since I managed that.  Let's see...Houston - fantastic on set pieces, haven't lost at home in 20 games (3rd longest streak in the MLS), have devastated TFC twice this season, wear orange (what? I like orange), are currently fifth in the league, their keeper has the best name (c'mon Tally Hall? Awesome) and did I mention they were fantastic (seriously, they're deadly) on set pieces? See? Positive!

What? Wrong team? Damn. OK; positive things about TFC...right, right...Umm, they've yet to lose in Houston this season - unless you count respect from the fans, the league, the fans - but otherwise it's an unbeaten streak! Let's see....highest hipster quotient of any MLS team - led by Eric Avila once Demit Omphroy left last season, the #xoxoBoysInTheCity Crew (if you don't follow them on twitter I can't explain it to you) can frequently be found looking fly (wait, no one says that any more do they?), drinking super hip coffee (not made by Jimmy B.; Teflon Tom & the Duke of Earl keep him locked up on off days) and keeping the swag industry (it's not an industry? Damn) alive and well.  Highest Canadian content of any MLS team - lookin' at you Whitecaps and Impact - we are TFC and we are Canadian!!  And they're OUR team; love them or loathe them - and this season it's likely both - they're OURS. Aww...see, I love our team!

I'm going into tonight's game with zero expectations - OK, I'm trying to have zero expectations. This is a very good Houston team and a shaken and stirred TFC side that still has a gazillion more games to play in the next  week (read: 3) that includes the home match against our hated CCL rivals Santos Lagunas. So no pressure or anything. I've no idea what kind of lineup we'll see tonight - I fear that Ecks will be back in the centre with O'Dea after Dicoy's not overly impressive first game back - but I hope not. I'll try to keep my bitching to a minimum when Avi once again doesn't step foot on the pitch; although should Wiedeman start again all bets are off.

This is a close to a happy shiny post as I get on approximately 8 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours. I'll be watching and cheering and hoping that our boys at the very least just put in a complete 90 minute effort.  If they do that - even if they get destroyed - if they do that I'll be well, less ticked off than usual. Deal?


Lack of sleep Links: I suggest you read these if you want to know actual details about the match tonight. The Yorkies, Waking The Red, Partially Obstructed View and Red Nation Online.  

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