Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey, There Are Still Games To Play!

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State of Mind: A lot can happen in 10 games
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                         TFC - all of their games are without frontiers - except the fear part

There is something to be said for playing out the string. The only pressure on TFC players for the next 8 weeks is to try to ensure that they have a spot on the squad next season. And you know what? That can make for some highly energetic, driven and yes, entertaining football. There are only eight games in MLS play and two away games in CCL play left for our Reds - not a great deal of time for some - but really, that's almost two months of games to be played and hey, a lot can happen in those two months. Things like a scrappy, upstart little team from Canada coming together in triumph to win back the hearts and minds of their fans....sorry, drifted off into 'feel-good movie' mode there. But umm, they could play some good games - really, it could happen! Wait! Where are you going? I'm not delusional, really...hello?

Tonight our Reds take on that baby blue team the Kansas City Wizards, Sporting KC in an epic battle between first and worst. Yes, I said epic and I meant it!  SKC always seem to be that team that brings out the worst in TFC, not just this season but from the very beginning. Maybe it's the pajama like kits that SKC sport? Some sort of subliminal message that puts our Reds to sleep? Yeah, that's the reason we can never beat them (grasping at straws). And of course let's not forget its compliment of players we love to hate (Jacob "I've blocked half of TFC's fans on twitter" Peterson and that Bunbury fellow) - both of whom are not playing tonight - happy dance! But that doesn't suddenly mean this game is a walk in the park and that our Reds can stroll into Livestrong (or Performance Enhancement Park as some of my rather witty blogging brethren call it) and steal three points.  I will consider it a massive victory if they can eke out a draw.

As has often been the case this season TFC are coming off a run of several games (three in the last week) and SKC is well rested and have the added advantage of playing at home. And while The Wiz are missing Peterson, Bunbury and backline anchor Aurelien Collin (for yellow card accumulation) our Reds still need to find a way to stop Kei Kamara. If only to prevent more (even if all too true) comments about how TFC resembles a lower division English side what with the long balls and kicking it out all the time...but other than that, he's just plain dangerous up front and has an alarming (seriously, every bloody game?) tendency to score against the Reds. Notice that I didn't even mention Zusi or Sapong or Espinoza...OK, I'll stop - starting to depress myself again and I'm trying the "all is well regardless of outcome" method of coping with the game today.

But wouldn't it be great if they won tonight? Just for shiggles? Even though there is little (OK, very little) to no chance of that happening; it'd be an awful lot of fun. We could celebrate like we won something - parade time! *Crickets* No to the parade then? Hmm...OK, after we win two in a row we'll talk. Hopefully we'll all get to watch something good tonight (Psst, the new Doctor Who is on!) and not have to have epic meltdowns on Twitter...what, just me again? OK, hopefully I don't have another epic meltdown on Twitter - so uh, see you all later?


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  1. Good on ya, Kristen.............the eternal optimist! "Ensure that they have a spot on the squad next year?' Why would TFC even want to keep half these players if they've performed so badly this year? And why would a player want to stay on a team that's so poor? Maybe, they'd like to be picked up by a better team! For the remainder of the season, where are all these "good games" going to come from? Santos is a far superior team.....the return fixture will probably be a blowout! Away matches at Kansas, LA and New York............I don't think so! There's more of a chance of an other 4-5 game losing streak than a 2-3 game winning streak! And TFC scoring two goals in the last 5 minutes of a game.........that would qualify as a miracle! TFC clearly need to pick up a couple of quality players in the off-season......and hope to keep the 3-4 players who have some ability. Cheer on!

    1. Regarding the 'good games'; I was for the most part being highly facetious. :D Always look on the bright side and all that (you should be humming by now). But stranger things have happened with teams that have nothing left to play for.

      I expect a number of these players will be long gone come training camp. The few that will remain need to prove why they should and the others? Well, they'll be hoping someone elsewhere sees something in them and offers them a contract or a trial. There will obviously be new faces come February - need help in the midfield and at the back. And depending on Hassli and Danny K. up top as well. Yay, an entirely new team again!

      I'm trying to find whatever bits of silver lining I can over these next two months. It's not all it?