Friday, September 7, 2012

Time For Some Meaningful Football

Mood: Stressed, Excited, Anxious - all in equal parts
State of Mind: They're going to win. Right? Right?? (oh please let them win)
Location: Soon to be in a sea of Red at BMO
Weather: The Towrads are awake - looks like thunderstorms/rain - whee!

Today the most important football game you will see so far this year (because you ARE going, right? RIGHT??) will be played at BMO Field. Forget that other team in red that so many of us follow and come out to support your Men's National Team in their quest to go to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. This is one of the most nerve wracking things that a fan of the national team can experience - watching in stressed agony, hoping that this time they'll see it through.

As nervous, stressed, anxious and excited as I am, I feel good about this game. The team has performed well so far during this round of qualifiers (hey, 4 points is performing well!); the same core is together; they've been in Toronto together for several days getting acclimated and most importantly many of the team have been in fantastic form plying their trade for their clubs in various parts of the world.

But regardless of all of that what more do you need to know other than that you get to join thousands upon thousands of your fellow fans and cheer on our team - because no matter who you cheer for on any other day - this is OUR team like no other team can be.  Moments like this do not come around all the time - don't pass up on the chance to be a part of what has been a very special year for Canadian soccer. Oh, did I forget to mention that almost every member of the Bronze medal winning Canadian Women's National Team will be at the game? They're going to be (deservedly) honoured before the match - don't you want to be there to celebrate their accomplishments? Of course you do. Can't you feel the excitement, the buzz, the tide turning in Canada's favour? I can; it's palpable. 

Yes they're playing against Panama, the group leader (won against both Honduras away and home to Cuba); possibly the most difficult team in Canada's group and according to coach Stephen Hart the best team in the group. They feature a great deal of speed up front, are unbeaten in this round of WCQ matches and well damn it they're a good team! Tonight's game isn't a slam dunk, hell it's not even a walk in the park; but the points are there for the taking and our men (hmm, that sounds a little odd but I'm going to go with it) are more than capable of taking all three.  

And at the risk of repeating myself - this is the most important game they'll play this year (so far), the most meaningful game of football that you can watch!!  There is nothing to compare to watching your country's team play; it is truly a special experience to be surrounded by your fellow fans as you all focus on willing your team to win. I can't describe it other than it is the best, most exciting, most enthralling experience you can have as a fan of the beautiful game. And no, I don't think I'm overstating it - days like this are special!!  So if you haven't already bought a ticket please get online or get to BMO and get yourself down to the stadium tonight - believe me, you don't want to miss this!


World Class Links: Here are some actual previews for tonight - Waking The Red (Duncan, James), Red Nation Online and Squizz at CSN.


  1. YOu hit the nail on the head again with this one. As a relatively recent convert to the national team (Ecuador friendly was first game out) it has become a passion for me.
    There truly is nothing like standing with the Vouageurs and cheering on our country.
    Will be there with a group of 6 tonight in 116 cheering loudly.
    Also, if the Towrads are present, we can't lose! BMO rules.
    Up the Towrads.
    Allez les Rouges.
    Ooh Ahh Canada.
    Come on you Reds!

    1. Thank you kind sir! I too am a fairly recent convert to supporting the national teams - don't know what took me so long! - but it is such an incredible experience every time. I look forward to these games like no other. :D