Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Biggest Game Ever

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This isn't going to be a long post or even much of a preview (I'll leave that to the experts in the links below) but I couldn't let this day pass without posting something.

In a few short hours we'll be at BMO to watch the most important game any of us will have seen this year. Seriously, there is no game that means more than this one. Our Men's National team is on the cusp of doing something that has not been accomplished for over 25 years - qualifying for the World Cup. Doesn't get any bigger than than this; it just doesn't.

I've said before that I'm new to supporting our National teams, having only gotten really involved in the past couple of years and it is the most nerve wracking, anxiety inducing but wonderful thing ever. It's hard to describe what it was like watching the match against Cuba on Friday in a room surrounded by fans who are completely invested and focused on what is happening on the screen. We were all rapt and only speaking to yell about the terrible (of course) refereeing, comment on the terrible (of course) pitch and mutter hopefully every time it looked like Canada might score.  

And when the goal was scored? Bedlam, pandemonium, joy, ecstasy - all of the above - I didn't stop smiling for hours after that game. Because it's our team - and they did what had to be done. They went into one of the most uncomfortable places they could possibly play; in the heat and humidity, on a terrible pitch with awful refereeing. But none of that matters because they came back with 3 much needed points - something they've never done before - putting them well in control of their fate.

Tonight they face a ticked off opponent that shockingly lost to Panama - this was never going to be the easiest of matches but the Panamanians sure didn't do us any favours. But none of that matters because damn it this year, this time is different. The question is will you be there to witness it?  If you haven't yet (and for the love of footy why the hell not?) bought tickets yet - get to Ticketmaster immediately, go on - if you miss this match, if you miss the chance to cheer on our boys I guarantee you'll regret it.  That's it - let's make sure that our team is playing in front of a home crowd tonight; the twelfth man is huge for matches such as this - let's be there for them.


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