Friday, June 8, 2012

Canada Libre

Mood: Excitedly nervous
State of Mind: It's going to happen this time
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It's here boys and girls; it's the official beginning to our Men's National team's road to Brazil!  This afternoon (at 2pm) our boys take on Cuba in the sweltering heal and humidity of Havana at the Estadio Pedro Marrero.  Not to mention the obligatory dodgy pitch with something only approaching proper grass and Caddyshack-esque holes and of course the always suspect Concacaf refereeing to contend with; otherwise a walk in the park, right?

Actually yes - our boys should actually come home from Cuba the possessors of 3 shiny new points - really. Cuba did not impress (not in the least) at the Gold Cup last year and have done nothing in the past year to change that. Canada is coming off of a very good performance against the US last Sunday and are well positioned to take this game.

I know that Euros start today but please, wherever you are set aside your adopted loyalties and forget your picks in whatever pool you've joined and at 2pm be watching (be it on TV, computer, twitter) and cheering on our boys - this is what we've been waiting for the past four years, this is what we long for - time to steady your nerves and get ready for the most important game you'll watch today.


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