Friday, June 29, 2012

Merci Pour Tout Montreal

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Was it the very best game that our boys ever played? No. Are there still questions about the defense? Yes. Does it matter right this second? OK yes; a little - but for now I think we can all take some time to bask in the wonders of that game:

                                                           I could watch this all day

Feels good doesn't it? So much goodness all wrapped up in 90 minutes:

1. Win
2. Away win
3. Away win against Montreal
4. Away win against Montreal at Stade Saputo
5. Clean sheet
6. Clean sheet against Montreal
7. 3 Goals!
8. Frings scored off of a killer free kick
9. RJ scored off of a nice set up by Soolsma (still doin' it for Suarez)
10. Morgan (nastiest of leftbacks) set up Danny; again.
11. Did I mention it was a win?
12. And that it was against Montreal?

Now Wednesday's match does not erase all of this season's woes for our boys in Red. But for those of us that have been despairing at ever seeing not just a win (OK, win #2) but a more complete effort and something approaching consistency, well Wednesday's win was a very nice step in the right direction. I feel my optimism cautiously returning; but I hope our boys don't scare it away - it's easily startled at the moment and without proper care it's likely to scurry away again only to be replaced by some serious cynicism.  But until tomorrow at 7pm this will continue to make me smile.  Oh and maybe some dancing:

Je T'aime Les Rouges!

Les Links: Here's some recaps from folk that actually got to watch the game - The Yorkies, Waking The Red, Red Nation Online and Bluenose Red.

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