Friday, April 20, 2012

Back Off, Just Back Off

Mood: Anxious
State of Mind: Positive mixed with "they can't possibly go 0-6, can they?"
Location: Behind a Fire retardant shield

I'm finding it hard to concentrate on Saturday's upcoming match against Chicago when all I can think of is Fire related pop-culture references and puns - a chorus of "Firestarter" by Prodigy keeps overlaying Drew Barrymore in the movie "Firestarter" and combining with Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicking over that lantern; and now it's running its twisted way through my head.  Now that I've passed that wonderful imagery on to you...

Must win game number; oh who cares which number, it's must win alright?  And not must win in the sense that "the season is over, let's have a fire sale" - see what I did there? - it's must win in the sense that "dear gods a win sure would make things at least somewhat better".  It's been tough hasn't it? To watch the team we love come oh so close on so many occasions this season and still have nothing to show for it? *SIGH*

This match is even more difficult for some Reds fans as beloved (to some) former TFC defender Dan Gargan makes his return to (easily stormable) Fortress BMO. Gargan has made no bones about delighting in taking it to his former club, especially with the now infamous "Would like to dedicate that goal to Nana, Gordo, @jacob_peterson @dwaynederosario and El Queso LaBrocca #damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangster #TFC" tweet after scoring against his former club last August still resonating with some of the faithful...let us not release the Gargan tomorrow, OK?

Add to that the unhappy news that Danny Koevermans suffered a groin injury in practice yesterday and would be joining Nick Soolsma on the sidelines for the match; well, it starts to look pretty gloomy doesn't it?

Fear not faithful Reds fans because the flip side of this gloomy set of circumstances is that the Fire seem to be our rebound relationship as it were; twice in our not so storied past have massive (and much needed wins) come against Abe Froman's favourite team. The most memorable and notable being that glorious (yes, it was glorious damn it) game back in 2007 when Danny Dichio scored That Goal and the field was flooded with the commemorative seat cushions that were given out before the game.

Yes I still have mine - what? I had two...
Remember how much fun that was? The joy we all felt as the entire place went mental? Hang on to that feeling; you're going to need it. By the end of the day the pitch had been flooded with cushions over and over again as our Reds won the match 3-1. Ironically the lone Chicago goal was scored by Chris Rolfe who just this week rejoined the Fire after playing the past few years for Danish side Aalbord. However, (luckily for our boys) he will not be playing tomorrow due to an ankle injury suffered in training.  This does not mean our boys have nothing to worry about - at the very least they will have to shut down speedy striker Dominic Oduro and keep the always threatening Marco Pappa in check in the midfield.

On the even brighter side comes the long awaited (has it only been 4 weeks?) return of El Capitan Frings to the starting XII.  Surely Torsten will save the season, right? Right?!  It's not an inconceivable notion as the team is worlds better when he's on the pitch. He's expected to anchor the back line with newly returned Adrian Cann while Ryan (RJ9) Johnson, Platita and Reggie (Leg of) Lambe will be the strike force up front. Personally I'm hoping that Eric Avila gets the start as he's been playing well of late and is obviously aching to do well. To my mind he deserves the minutes.

Even though the season does not hang on this one game it does feel like a potential watershed moment, doesn't it?  With fans wavering in their support; the entire league having a laugh at our team's is not the time to give up boys and girls - now is the time to show up in numbers and show our team that we will be there for them, cheering them on to victory. So make sure that you leave the house in plenty of time, have your TFC gear on and are in full voice - our boys need you as much as we need them to win. See you there - right?


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  1. Wishing for fine weather and a win! If only one wish can come true, you know which I'll be most pleased with!

    1. The weather right? What are you, made of spun sugar?