Friday, April 27, 2012

Please, No Salt For Our Wounds

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Ok everyone, deep breaths. Just relax.  We've all been rather tense of late and I think we should all do some mild stretching, maybe a little meditation and find our happy places - mine is the win over Dallas last fall - there, that feels better.

Our boys are winging their way out west to take on Real Salt Lake this Saturday night and on paper this is a daunting task. RSL are one of the best teams in the league and Rio Tinto is one of the most difficult stadiums in which to play. Add to that the fact that RSL boasts a team with some of the best depth in the league and well I can feel the tension creeping back (happy place, think of your happy place)...

Let's be realistic about this (words you will rarely hear me say), this match has the potential to see our Reds equal the record for futility set by the Kansas City Wizards back in 1999 by starting the season off 0-7. Our boys do not boast a shall we say glittering or even mildly gleaming road record and the possibility of this being the first step on the road back to respectability? Well, there's always a chance...actually since we've been seemingly living in the TFC Time Machine these days, cast your mind back to 2007 - one of the few road wins ever notched by our boys in red came against RSL - time for a little retro redemption?

Down side: Once again the team will be without Nick Soolsma and Danny Koevermans and yesterday we learned that Luis Silva will not travel with the team due to the flu.  Of course the loss of Soolsma and Koevermans looms much larger as it depletes the team's already anemic attack. For a team that is begging for goals this is well...damn, tension rising - quick, to the happy place!  But wait, there's more: let us not forget the RSL attack spearheaded by the very fleet of foot Fabian Espindola that is put into motion by the dreaded Kyle Beckerman in the midfield and the always pesky Jay Borchers at the back. I repeat - happy place!

But all is not doom and gloom boys and girls; our Reds have a history of playing up in matches like this and in environs that they have no business conquering. Das Kapitan Frings should be back in his rightful place in the midfield, Reggie Lambe was on fire the last match and (to my eyes at least) Eric Avila has been impressive and should see a spot in the starting XI. I am also hoping that we will see four at the back with Adrian Cann holding down the centre, possibly paired with Logan Emory (c'mon folks, give him a chance!).  RSL may also be a bit tired, playing their third game in eight days. If our boys can keep the midfield tight and close down the speedy RSL attack they are more than capable of coming away with at least a point.

This IS possible - I'm not just being starry eyed and optimistic - that all important first win is coming. As I've said before; they are not nearly as bad as the results show.  And while most of us will not be there to cheer them on in person that does not mean that you don't watch, that you don't get geared up and that you stop being there for your team!  So make sure you are at the bar, at home, just in front of the nearest TV or computer ready to send some serious positive vibes to our boys. They can do this - let's make sure that we're all watching so that we can say "I watched the game that they turned it around". 

And while I can't promise any miracles; this has been in my head all day and damn it, it fits:

Everything IS possible - Come On You Reds!!

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