Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One More Time - Let's Make History

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Once again boys and girls we are faced with one of those momentous nights in TFC history; perhaps the most momentous night as our boys in Red take on Santos Laguna in the second leg of the CCL semi-finals.  This is a huge match for our boys against a dangerous opponent and in a seemingly dangerous locale. This one is for (most of) the proverbial marbles and the team itself is fired up and itching for a win.

Then why am I confused you ask?  It hasn't been an easy start to the season for TFC and we the fans and there are those that would rather see the team die with dignity (so to speak) tonight and leave the team free to focus on improving their league form. While others are adamant that this opportunity to be the first MLS team to make the CCL finals is the more important achievement and to hell with the league. Who's right? In a perfect world both would be achievable with little detriment to the team and their form. It's no secret that playing this many matches in this short a period is wearing; but TFC boasts much better depth this year and have several players returning from International play and injury. Not to mention the fact that the team has been playing quite well in CCL matches - overcoming the naysayers in each round with solid home and (to some) astonishing away performances.  I for one just want my team to do well; period. I think that a win (or a non-scoreless draw) tonight will do wonders for the team - if they can do what no other team has done how can that not build confidence and propel them to better results in MLS play? 

Tonight I'll be decked out in my best TFC gear - what I now refer to as my Wednesday (or Rednesday) outfit; prepared to shout, sing, and agonize throughout the entire game. I know that Santos is a difficult team to beat on their home field but TFC is a difficult team to beat in the away legs of CCL matches! Just ask Dallas and LA - they never knew what hit them! Tonight is a night for our boys to make history; to do what no other MLS team has done and head to the CCL Finals!  I'm excited and I know you are too; regardless of what you think the outcome will be. You're just as hopeful of a win and just as hyper and nervous for our boys as I am. We may not be there in person to cheer them on, but we can still be here in red, in full voice, sending our support to the team.

So observe whatever game day ritual gets you pumped; clothes, food, route to work - whatever it takes to get you out of your head pumped for tonight. Our boys are ready to make history - are you?


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