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Reds Vs. The Not So Regal

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Here we go again everyone; today our beloved Reds meet the Goats of Chivas in yet another must win game. This is must win game number two or three (maybe even four?) thus far this season and personally I'd like to retire the phrase for a while.  It's been a tough year so far and it's starting to feel like the TFC Time Machine has indeed deposited us back in 2007.  The revolving door has been oiled and seems primed to go. Defensive breakdowns have plagued the team in each game and our talented (and they are talented) forwards can't seem to put the ball in the net.  However, this is a prime opportunity for our boys to right this floundering ship - they've had a week of rest and lots of time to get refocused on the task at hand.

There was some unsettling news out of training on Friday - due to illness the team will be without the resurgent Nick (Doing it for Suarez) Soolsma and centreback Logan "Chairman of the Board" Emory is also out due to the red card he received last weekend in Montreal. What has some fans excited is that Adrian Cann will likely make his return to the starting lineup this afternoon - my concern is that he hasn't even played a full 90 minutes in a reserve match and yet he's going to be tasked with anchoring the back line?  This is me with my optimism wavering...

Bright side: Chivas is not exactly a powerhouse and is without formidable striker Juan Pablo Angel.  TFC is well rested and from the various interviews given this week hungry for a win and as sick and tired of losing as we are watching them lose.
Not So Bright Side: While not a powerhouse, all of Chivas' wins have come on the road beating both RSL and Portland; not exactly pushovers in the league.  I liken it to TFC's play on the road in CCL (Torreon not included) - suprising to everyone but themselves - an underrated team with confidence? Frightening. And of course returning is former Red Nick LaBrocca who has more than once put the dart into the heart of fans and scored against our boys.

TFC will need to keep their wits about them as crafty midfielder Alejandro Moreno and the aforementioned LaBrocca will be looking to exploit our less than rock solid defense. However our boys can use their (of late) decent form on set pieces to cause confusion in front of Goats keeper Dan Kennedy; lots of bodies in the 18 yard box should prove fruitful. And hopefully Danny K. is about to go on one of his scoring streaks having finally notched his first last weekend in Montreal. 

Chivas should not take our Reds lightly; excellent road form or not.  It's like poking a wounded animal - they are at their most dangerous when perceived down - our team has been down but is definitely not out.  I expect a scrappy affair and smart play from our boys this afternoon. This is THE match of the season; it really is. With fans grumbling and rumblings about behind the scenes issues beginning to make the rounds a win today will help put all of that to rest. 

Having said that, I still expect a decent crowd as the later start should erase all of the "it's so early" excuses from everyone's vocabulary - the 12th man is more important than ever when your team is down - we need to be there to support them now more than ever!  So get your TFC gear on and get your butt to BMO; before kickoff OK? See you there!


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