Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Go West; Let's Make Life Less Peaceful There

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Seriously. This belongs to us. Hands off Vancouver.

So yesterday was eventful wasn't it? If you have no idea what I'm talking about then read here and then hurry back. Done? OK excellent. Time to put the drama aside and focus on the task at hand; denying Vancouver the Voyageurs Cup. Because isn't that really what it's all about? Don't you secretly thrill at the thought of the Whitecaps again leaving empty-handed next Wednesday?

Make no mistake - this is going to be a hard fought, heated series. We are the team that the Whitecaps love to hate. After all, a combination of a weak Montreal Impact side and the weather gods (or Towrads if you like) have teamed up to previously deny that team from the coast what they view as their rightful place as the lone Canadian representative to the CCL. Gets tiresome doesn't it? That's why it is imperative for our boys to win this one the old-fashioned way; no monsoons, no unlikely 6-1 wins, just win - plain and simple.

And this is no easy task. As you know our team has been performing less than spectacularly thus far this year and Vancouver has well, been better. They currently sit fourth in the west and TFC...moving on, nothing to see here...seriously, nothing to see here (remember 0-8?). And let's not forget that the Whitecaps suffered a somewhat humiliating loss on Saturday to the NE Revolution and will be looking to rebound from said trouncing. While there are several key Vancouver players who will be playing on less than complete rest, Martin Rennie craftily left captain Jay DeMerit at home and also sat his CB partner Martin Bonjour, ensuring a well rested back line.  Add to that the fact that TFC captain Torsten Frings did not travel with the team and that they will be without fiery RB Richard Eckersley due to last week's controversial red card, thereby limiting the bench that Winter can draw upon. Oh and don't forget the delightful surface that is to be played on - isn't turf great? Getting stressed yet? 

However none of that matters because this is the Voyageurs Cup, hell it's a Cup competition and no one plays better in Cup competitions than our Reds. Our boys are well rested having had the weekend off. They're riding a wave (OK, a small ripple from the wake of a boat) of confidence from their 2-0, 10 men win over the Impact last week and Danny Koevermans is likely to play if not start - having the hulking target man back in the starting XI has to be a good thing - right? So what game will our boys play? Will they again play to not lose and keep the bus firmly parked in front of Kocic or will they take a chance and try to get a crucial away goal? I'm guessing a lot from column A and a little from column B. Both teams have MLS games this weekend so I definitely expect a more conservative game than we'll likely see next Wednesday here at BMO; then all bets will be off. But that's another story...

Tomorrow night I'll be in my gear, hyper, fidgety and pacing about the living room all evening until kickoff and then likely more of the same during the match. Wherever or however you choose to watch let's put the drama aside and focus on our boys because they're the ones that matter. 


                      Your mid-week dance break. Yes I'm on a Pet Shop Boys kick, just enjoy.

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