Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh Canada! See Thee Rise

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With TFC off until the middle of June all of our attention should now be turned to the Canadian Men's National Team as they begin their journey towards qualifying for the 2014 World Cup.  We here in the GTA are very fortunate in that we can easily go to see all of the home games at BMO Field. Seriously, we are incredibly lucky that all of these games are being played here - we should be leaping at the chance to take advantage of such important opportunities as this. How often do you get to be there at the beginning of something this exciting?

Sadly it seems that not enough folk are taking advantage of the chance to see our National Men's team play; with word that only around12,000 or so tickets have been sold thus far for this Sunday's friendly against the US - I beg you, no I implore you to please, please buy a ticket! We need to pack the stands with Canada supporters; home field advantage means nothing without the home support! It's fairly inexpensive, you get to watch our Men's National team square off against our most frequent (and well hated is an awfully strong word, but we're not very fond of them) rivals the US and you get to stand with thousands of your fellow fans cheering your heart out - it's a truly wonderful experience and one not to be missed. 

If you need more encouragement check out my post from April and then join us in the stands this Sunday and again on June 12th. Our boys need you!  So, see you Sunday?

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Allez Les Rouges!

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