Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One More Time

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State of Mind: Worried about the impending TFC apocalypse 
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I think it's time for another team meeting. Whoever hid the talking stick, Aron's guitar and the words to Kumbaya had better come clean as multiple reports and tweets today speak loudly of a disintegrating locker room over at BMO Field. With reactions to Danny K's stark statement after the DC loss on Saturday from Adrian Cann and Milos Kocic sounding anything but agreeable, the dread that has been building these past weeks is reaching fever pitch. If there was ever a team in dire need of a group hug this is it.
Not exactly the focused, together, confident well oiled football machine that TFC needs heading into tomorrow night's final leg of the Voyageurs Cup against the Whitecaps. Instead it feels like I should be taking bets on whether or not the on the pitch battle will be between various Reds instead of between Morgan and Hassli.  I've been fearful, worried, angry and stressed out over our beloved Reds these past few weeks but this public sniping at one another has taken it to another level. Amidst all of this Coach Winter seems to think that all is well (somewhere Jim Brennan is steepling his hands a la Mr. Burns). Does he think that putting a brave face on the situation will somehow mold the team into a cohesive unit? 

Up until this afternoon I was still quite confident of a TFC victory tomorrow night; if only because they excel at these cup matches and having nothing else to play for should almost guarantee a win. Add to the fact that Vancouver is the team that TFC loves to torture...win, right?  And hey Torsten should be back in the lineup; that has to be a good thing - right? Right?  Conspiracy theories, recent form and soap opera-esque meltdowns aside this is still a game that our Reds can and should (quiet, having an optimistic sentence) win. If the same team from last Wednesday (minus the goal in added time goal of course) shows up, then TFC should have no trouble once again finishing off the Whitecaps.  They've got an away goal, will be playing in front of well attendance is hard to peg these days but it will be arguably more than they played in front of last week and like I said what else do they have? 

Hell, what else do we as supporters have? I know that winning the Cup is only going to be a very temporary bandage over our obviously wounded team. And that MLSE will use it to show how everything is OK - nothing to see here, move along - and tout the historic win.  I'll say this (and 2 weeks ago I NEVER would have said this) - I would gladly give up the Voyageurs Cup (although HATE the thought of the Whitecaps having it) to see a cohesive, competitive winning team in MLS. When I say winning I don't mean playoffs - just win some of those games where they "were the better team" - show us the heart, emotion and fire that you show in post game interview after post game interview and put it out on the pitch. Give us something to cheer for, to show up for; remind us why we love you - Our Team.  

Having said that; do I want them to win tomorrow night? Hell yes! I will be at BMO ready to cheer on our boys - I really hope that you'll join me - at least one more time.

TFC Til I Die 

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