Saturday, May 5, 2012

United We Stand

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Out of all the games our Reds have had to play this season this one makes me the most nervous. It's not even the prospect of going 0-8 that has me all twitchy; it's the team that will quite possibly take them to that ignominious record.  Yes it's the return of not one but two former TFC captains in DeRo & Maicon Santos with DC United.  Bad enough is the hoopla (I choose not to get into that futher) that always surrounds any match that sees DeRosario return to BMO Field; joining the show this weekend is Mike Sanders Maicon Santos who like so many former Reds has suddenly found his ability to score and has been tearing up the league. 

Coming off a non-loss (looking for the positives here folks) on Wednesday night in Montreal, TFC are looking to continue to build on what has to be counted as success; at least this season.  We have to hope (pray, hope again) that the game plan for today is markedly different than Wednesday.  Yes there is cause to worry (as always) about our defensive line attempting to deal with the aggressive, speedy and oft deadly DCU attack. It's not just DeRo and Santos they have to contend with - joining them are Danny Cruz, DeLeon and the always dangerous Chris Pontius. To my eyes it's Pontius that needs to be watched the most closely; his experience and ability to move between the midfield and the forward line cannot be underestimated. But in reality the Reds will have a tough time of marking and the defense will have to play like we've not seen thus far this year.

All is not lost boys and girls - there's a possibility that Danny K. will be back today (although still no Soolsma) - and the DCU defense is potentially exploitable - Avi, Lambe and Johnson (and hopefully Koev) will need to be quick, decisive and pressing.  I know that this is yet again another "they must win" or these days "please don't let them lose" type of games for our boys.  And I know that everyone is frustrated - but the sun is shining, there is a ton of energy from everyone coming into this game and hey, maybe the super moon will work some cosmic mojo (no not THAT MoJo) - the forces of nature are fond of TFC (up the Towrads anyone?). 

As always I implore you to show up, show up early, in full voice, in your best TFC gear and NOT in a paper bag (as has been bandied about on some of the boards). Our role as the 12th man is more important than ever and in a game like today's that is filled with emotions and demons of the past our boys will need all the positive energy we can surround them with to succeed. Well that and really, really excellent play.  So see you there right? BEFORE kickoff - ready to cheer - remember; "shared pain is lessened, shared joy is increased".


And while having nothing to do with this post I have to include this:

                                                 Thanks for 25 years of great music...

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