Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Victoire Coupe des Voyageurs?

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Now is the Winter of our discontent
Made less than glorious spring by this son of Ajax
And all the goals that lowered upon our house
In the deep basement of the MLS buried

That pretty much sums up the 2012 season thus far - not one to inspire a lot of enthusiasm or confidence right? Ever changing line-ups, injuries, fan apathy - I could go on but then you'd be too down to keep reading. Wait, did I mention the 0-8 record? OK, OK, I'll relent - for the moment.

Tomorrow night is the home leg for our boys in red in this round of the Voyageurs Cup against their rivals the Montreal Impact. Last week's match was successful (if you call successful not losing, which I do) if less than stylish. A similar performance tomorrow evening will not do if TFC hope to advance and win their fourth straight Voyageur's Cup. Do you really want to see our Reds go to penalties against well, anyone? Let alone an Impact that is still high from their win over SKC on the road Saturday night? Yeah, me either.

With no away goal to give them an edge the Reds will not be able to just sit back; they will need to play attacking, high pressure football. If they just sit back as they did last week and in recent matches, then quite frankly they will lose. Unfortunately the team will still be without much needed target man Danny Koevermans, as well as Das Kapitan Frings, as both are still recovering from injuries.  However there is a possibility that Nick Soolsma could see time tomorrow and that could be the spark that the team needs.  Also likely to make an appearance is defender Jeremy Hall who saw his first minutes after returning from injury in Saturday's loss. While he played in the midfield on Saturday, he is a rightback and could push Ecks for a spot in the starting XI going forward.

The bright side (and there is one) is that this is a team with pretty much nothing left to lose. They know that they are in danger of seeing this season end with nothing to show for it. After training today Eric Avila spoke about a number of team meetings that have been held this week to clear the air and get the team refocused. While some may view that sort of thing as worrisome, I take heart that they may have indeed put aside the last two months and are ready to play the way we've been waiting for.  I fully expect a win tomorrow night and for our beloved Reds to move on to the final of the Voyageurs Cup.  

I know it's a mid-week game and that it's an 8pm start and hey it's probably going to rain; but this is the chance to see our boys win the chance to keep competing for the only piece of silverware they have any hope at this season. Don't you want to say you were there when they did? So see you tomorrow night, in your gear and ready to cheer our boys on to victory! Be there or be a parallelogram!

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