Thursday, May 24, 2012


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Tomorrow I will write something longer and more interesting/in depth; but tonight I just want to celebrate with my fellow fans. What a fantastic night!!  Not only did our beloved Reds win their FOURTH CONSECUTIVE VOYAGEURS CUP, but they did it well! 90 minutes of sustained energy, attack and focus by our boys. And did I mention that they again denied the Whitecaps the Cup? :D  Best. Troll. Ever.

Thank you boys for putting it all out there and for being the best "worst team in the world" ever. 

Here's a few pics from the post Cup presentation celebration from the south end.

Thank you boys for reminding us, if only for a little while why we continue to follow you week in, week out.  Well done - all of you!  See you Saturday.

TFC Til I Die

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  1. I can't wait to read your 'something longer'! I agree with you.......something positive to celebrate but.........what about the standard of refereeing during the game and what about the lack of discipline on the TFC team? For me, the referee lost complete control of the game and there were far too many questionable decisions. And the lack of discipline, on the Toronto team, indicates to me that there are some serious problems in the dressing room. Maybe, you have some insight on this? I didn't stick around to see the TFC players holding up a cup. There seemed something ridiculous about this picture. I want to know if there's an uncontrollable cancer on this team. Some players, for me, need to be traded........partly for the good of the team and partly for their good, too.