Monday, March 5, 2012

5 Years In the Making

The best way for me to introduce this blog is to send you to a post I did for my friends over at Waking The Red (great guys, read them!). As you can see (because you did just read it, right? If not I'll wait until you're done. Go on, I can wait all day...), I've been on a journey regarding my team, how I support them, participate in the community and of my love of the beautiful game. My non-footy friends refer to TFC as my obsession and I agree — this is a joyful obsession and one I will not give up.

Until TFC, I'd never felt this much passion for a sports team.  Sure, I support or cheer on other teams in different leagues and sports, but this is different. Maybe because I've been there from day one, in my seat in the West Stands (ooh, the blog title is explained!) cheering them on. West Stands you say? Why don't I sit in the south stands with the other supporters? Well, I don't believe you have to be part of an official SG to be a supporter — I support my team just as passionately as any member of U-Sector, NEE (although I sit near them) or RBP. And that is not a knock at the guys and girls of those groups; I appreciate and celebrate all that they do, match in and match out. However, I consider myself and call myself a supporter, because I am! Regardless of where I sit or the fans I spend time with. 

Among my friends in the blogger and TFC community, I'm the relentlessly optimistic one, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that pessimism and gloom are called for. This is not to say that I don't occasionally give in to the darker side and raise my voice in anger or dismay, but day in and day out, I'm sure that things will turn out in a positive way. (This is likely why I didn't win the "Smarter Than Mo" pool over at Waking The Red last season).

So what is the point of this blog? To offer a different perspective on TFC and footy fandom.  I'm not a walking encyclopedia of football history and facts, but neither am I without knowledge and opinions. I want to share my passion and my thoughts about the beautiful game and the team I love and well sometimes Twitter just isn't enough.  Expect a lot of blathering on about players, match reports (of a sort), the vibe in the section I sit in at BMO (or Skydome for March 7 - but more on that later), the people I watch matches with and well, everything TFC related.  Feel free to comment, ask questions, make suggestions and enjoy my meandering through the world of TFC and football. 

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