Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Just One Game

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Saturday night's visit to Seattle was not exactly how I had hoped TFC would start their season; OK, it wasn't at all how I hoped they'd start the season. But if you've think this is going to be a doom and gloom, "all is lost" sort of post well then you've obviously never read this blog before - you may want to move along as there won't be much wallowing done here.

Post-match observations in no particular order:

  1. Frings is the best thing to have ever happened to TFC; period. Witness what happened without him out there.  The thought that he may be seriously injured is a frightening one as the team is not consistently strong enough at the back without him.
  2. Ryan Johnson can do no wrong - even with being subjected to cheap fouls over and over, he kept enough of his cool to score what is possibly the goal of the week. He just does not stop and is proving to be the consistent scorer that the team needs to compliment Danny Koevermans (once he gets rolling again).
  3. Ty Harden is not a starting CB - yes, this is not news but bears repeating
  4. Kocic looks good in pink; oh and is likely the #1 keeper going forward - tell me I'm wrong. 
  5. Playing a flat four is a bad idea - watching that high line get exposed over and over again the past two games should hopefully put it to rest - there is not enough speed back there to make it work. And why no Morgan?
  6. Silva had an off night in the midfield - this kid has a huge future - keep him out there Aron.
  7. Dunfield had a less than stellar night - more JDG please.
  8. Emory has a good future with the club - he held his own out there; especially before Frings left injured - wonder if he plays CB? Either way he deserves to be out there again.
  9. While the defensive woes (or growing pains) that cost TFC continue - there was some nice work to be seen when the team was going forward - this is a TFC team that is going to score goals. And more often than not, goals win games.  And yes, I do believe that the best offense is a good defense; but useless without the offense part.
  10. It's just one game. Just. One. Game. Against one of the best teams in the league, at their home, looking for redemption after a nightmare performance in Mexico.

OK, so there was a little doom and gloom in that list. I may be passionate and optimistic but it doesn't mean that I'm blind. Did I swear and rant and despair occasionally during the match? Of course I did; I'm passionate about my team and it upsets me when they don't succeed. Do I think the season is over or that they've regressed again? No, pure and simple, no. Errors and poor luck aside this was not a team that gave up; they continued to fight and at least competed to the end.  

Other than the loss (of the game and Frings), what upset me most on Saturday night was the incredibly biased commentary by Ross Fletcher and Kasey Keller - I expect a little bias from a home town crew but this was beyond the pale. From the sporting of Sounders scarves to the continual use of "we" the ongoing Sounders perfect (delicious ball anyone?), TFC "cynical" and bad it was enough to make me want to throw things at my TV.  At least make the attempt at professionalism guys - you insult your fans as much as our own with that sort of blatant homerism. Knock it off.

This Saturday against the San Jose Earthquakes will be a true test of how far our Reds have come - and you had better be there in red, in full voice and prepared to passionately and loudly support our team. Because the 12th man does make a difference; this year let's turn BMO back into the fortress it was, when opposing teams were uncomfortable because they were faced with a sea of red that would not be quiet. I know it's an early start on Saturday folks but get up, have some coffee and be in your seats before kick-off!  So, see you Saturday? 

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