Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh Look - A Poll!

Mood: In need of distraction - hence the poll

Alright everyone; time for a little reader participation.  As we're all fidgety, anxious, nervous, excited - pick your adjective - I thought hey, let's have a poll!  What's the poll about you ask?  Not what you think; unless you think it's about TFC SSH scarves, then you'd be 100% correct!

If you read my post about the tickets for this year you know that I'm not super impressed with this year's scarf (nor was I last year's) so here's the question: Which is your favourite TFC SSH Scarf? Which is your least favourite? And why.  Leave your answers in the comments section.  Just in case you're a new SSH here is a reminider of what they all look like:

Sweet SSH Scarf Swag - Year 1 to Year 6
My favourite is probably Year 2 - although the colours on the Year 1 scarf are the best. As for my least favourite? Tie between last year and this year - last year because I just did not like the white - kind of a dinner scarf sort of look - and this year's; which I would like just fine if the badge were not red & white.  So there you have it folks; my very first, completely unscientific poll with no purpose other than to distract everyone from what will happen 6 hours from now!  Enjoy!


  1. My favourite is year 4 which is why I made you give me one ;) Up until now my least favourite was year 3, but I haven't seen this year's up close yet. Having said that, I am definitely not a fan of the monochrome crest.

  2. I will send you a better picture of this year's scarf so that you may properly judge it. :) You didn't really make me give you the scarf...or did you? Cursed mumly mind meld! ;)

  3. I'd also go with year 4, simple red and gray stripes. had forgot that it also has all for one on there, which I don't like, but it's relatively unobtrusive.

  4. I realize that I said year 2, yet the year 4 scarf is the one that I wear day in, day out. Perhaps I was just trying to convince myself that I really like year 2? Hmm...odd that.

  5. Year one is my favourite, would love to get my hands on one of them, and year for is probably my least favourite.

    That said the white one is no good either. Not enough of a TFC feel to it at all which I think is what bugs me about it. I am not really a big fan of stripes on scarves which is going to slant my opinion on this matter a whole lot

  6. Ooh, a dissenting opinion against the Year 4 scarf!

  7. I'm finally in front of a PC as opposed to just on my phone so I can comment!

    I think my favorite so far is year two. I actually like the All for One and Section number on either end.

    Least favorite...if I have to vote I'd say last years. When I first saw it I thought it was great...but I think that first impression was from a fashion perspective of white matching everything (don't start!), later I looked at it and thought it was basically useless for its given purpose.

    I'm ok with this years scarf. But I think its the first one I've owned as a season ticket holder so its just 'special' that way.

  8. ^Michelle - We'll give you a little leeway as it's your first "official" scarf - but only a little. :)

    Last year's scarf is not getting a lot of love - I think it will ultimately be our "loser". Still hoping for a clear favourite to emerge, guess we shall wait and see.

  9. Have to say the Year 2 with the big section numbers is my fave with Year 4's "almost classic bar scarf" in 2nd. It appeals to the Stan Bentley in me. Definite least fave is last year's white one. Always looks like something that The Bay would give away for free if I spent more than $50.

    1. Did old Stan abscond with your Year 4 scarf to Rhodesia?

      Year 2 and Year 4 still pretty much tied - with last year being the clear loser. Might have to just call it a draw.