Monday, March 12, 2012

The Tickets Are Coming, The Tickets Are Coming!

State of Mind: Excited yet anxious
Location: Not at home - hence the anxious

So what am I going on about today? Tickets! Specifically TFC 2012 Season Tickets!  The word is out all over Twitter that our tickets are being delivered today and tomorrow!  For a TFC fan (and season ticket holder) this is on an excitement level akin to Christmas. Yes we've all already been to a match but this is different - these are your tickets for the entire season!  Sorry, I'm a little excited; alright a lot excited; OK going crazy that I'm not home to receive them!  But you know what I'm talking about; getting to open the package, check out this season's scarf (which looks quite natty btw); look through your tickets (snicker at the players on the tickets that are no longer with the team) - it reverts you to a kidlike state of excitement and joy - what, just me? I don't believe you - you know that you're bouncing up & down in your seat at work all in a twitter (or on twitter) knowing that they're waiting for you!

This year's offering come in a nifty canister that to me (without having seen it in person yet) is an improvement over the box we usually get; or maybe that's just because I like to display them on my bookshelves every season - just me again? Hmm, perhaps a little obsessed.  Thanks to @Yagbod here is a picture of the entire package!  Looks good doesn't it?  Now if only I could duck out of work, I'm mean oh my suddenly I don't feel so well...

Season Six SSH Scarf Swag

Keep tweeting those pictures and I'll be sure to add mine once I have my hot little hands on them.  *Cough, cough*...really not feeling well...perhaps a scarf to keep me warm...

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