Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pre-Game Jitters

Current State: Barely contained excitement, much fidgeting and clock watching - is it time yet? Well, is it??

In a few short hours I and upwards of 40,000 of my fellow fans (because you are all fans, right?) will be making our way to the Skydome to cheer on our beloved TFC. What do you need to know for today? Here is a handy pre-game checklist:

Outfit: Consisting mostly of TFC gear or red & white clothing?
Ticket: You have one.
Mood: Fidgety, jittery excitement bordering on the extreme
Songs: Here is a handy cheat sheet courtesy of the guys and gals over at U-Sector
Passion: Off the charts in readiness to cheer on your team

This is the big one - the one we've been waiting four long months for. So if you're like me; right now you are twitchy, giddy, giggly and liking irritating the hell out of any non-footy fans around you. Fun isn't it?

As this game is at the Dome I will not be in my usual West Stand seats; instead I am sitting (well, standing) with the Supporter Groups in the South End. But wait you say - didn't I say you don't need to sit with the SGs to be a supporter? Absolutely true - doesn't mean that I don't enjoy being part of the incredible energy and passion that they bring to every match - it's where I sit for Canada matches - and as this match is larger than life in scope and importance; being with the SGs is what I wanted for this game. The SGs have gone all out and were up late last night decorating the Dome - I don't want to spoil it for you; you'll see it tonight.  I expect the entire stadium to be a loud, vocal, crazed sea of red anchored by the south end. I also expect to be partially deaf and to have no voice at this time tomorrow - happily so!

If you haven't already been voraciously reading all sorts of pre-game posts here are some links to get you caught up - actually, because all of the fine blogger folk I follow have been working around the clock to bring us a ton of coverage you'll be in good shape if you visit the guys over at Waking The Red, The Yorkies, and  Red Nation. There are many more and several others I could link to but like I said; this will put you in pretty good shape.

If you're not going tonight, you best be watching - get decked out in your best TFC gear, turn the TV up LOUD, chant and cheer along with the rest of us and be part of the biggest, game, ever!



  1. A giant welcome to the wonderful world of TFC blogging! I know you will bring us some great opinions, insights and views. Best of luck... I'm outta here before the trolls find me!

    1. My thanks! I think you're safe from the trolls until I start slagging on our players.

  2. Good luck with your blog. Rhonda and I are sad we weren't at the game in person but we were there in spirit. The TFC players put in a good performance against a side brimming with stars such as Beckham, Keane and Donovan. Hopefully, they'll put in an equally good performance next week in L.A. My EPL team has had a bizarre season with several, memorable highs and lows. Great performances against ACMilan, Spurs and Liverpool during the past week or so. Unfortunately, no silverware for them this season..........yet again! I'll be at the TFC game at the end of the month. Hopefully, I'll see you then.