Saturday, March 31, 2012

Post CCL Thoughts - Better Late Than Never

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Better late than never - I know you've been wondering (you have been wondering, right?) where my post CCL blog was - why hadn't I posted my delight and joy at the fantastic game our boys played on Wednesday?  Sadly work commitments have prevented me from sharing my elation at their performance on Wednesday night. As you know I was unable to attend the match and while I've moved past that for the most part I'm still a little sad that I missed such a momentous occasion in our team's history. But results trump everything so I'll get on with it.

I'll keep this brief as you already know what happened (because you were there or watching at home) and you've likely read many other post-game wrap-ups by many of my fellow blogging brethren so I won't get into analysis but I have to say something!  I am so proud of our beloved Reds.  Once again they proved the naysayers wrong and put in a complete, well-played match against a very good opponent in Santos Laguna. Did they get the win? No, but a draw against a team that many (and you know who you are) predicted they would be trounced by is an excellent result.  Besides, this bodes well for TFC if you look at their recent CCL performances; draw at home to Dallas - 3-1 win in Dallas. Draw at home to LA; 2-1 win in LA. Draw at home to Santos Laguna...well, you see where I'm going with this. 

I am so proud of our team and proud to be a supporter of this team. Through all of the various highs and lows of the past five years (and the past few weeks) it is wonderful to have your team play such a great game, on their home pitch, in front of a great turnout of supporters. That's it; I love my team, can't wait for Wednesday's game in Torreon and watching them once again prove the naysayers wrong.

TFC Til I Die

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