Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Biggest Game Ever!

State of Mind: Barely contained excitement with much fidgeting and obsessing over the upcoming match.
What Match?: Go read a different blog...or read below — but seriously, shouldn't you know this already?
Preparedness: Jersey: check. Scarf: check. Streamers: check. Ticket: triple-check. Vocal cords: warmed up and ready to go.

In less than two days, TFC and its faithful (and loud) fans will fill Skydome —yes, I said Skydome, sue me—to the rafters to cheer our team on against the LA Galaxy in the first leg of the Concacaf Champions Leaque Quarter Finals.  Other than the fact that it is the first chance that we get to see our team LIVE since the fall and that this is only the second time a Canadian team has progressed this far in CCL competition, this is the first game that has had huge (well, for footy in Toronto) media coverage and promotion. There's been actual articles and previews written by just about every soccer journalist in the GTA.  Even though they insist (much to my and many others' chagrin) on focusing on Becks instead of OUR team - I'm looking at you Sportsnet - at least they're finally talking about the team.  I often despair at how football is covered in the Toronto media. (I won't even discuss national media. Bah.) From almost no coverage by most of the major outlets, to dismissive articles and lavishing all their attention on *that team* from the west coast. Which team? Hell, pick one! (The media has some unholy love for all things west). From LA to Seattle and Portland to Vancouver; put a 3 hour time difference on it and they're content. Never mind that there is a team right here they could be reporting about on a daily basis...

However, on occasions such as this, none of that matters to me. What matters is that the Skydome will be full of red-clad, singing, chanting and cheering TFC fans; all watching in joyful anticipation of the win that we know is coming. But LA's the better team you say? I say boo-urns to that; TFC has an excellent record (i.e. non-losing) against the LAG and have something that they've never had before — consistency. For the first time in club history, the off season was not fraught with firings, searches for coaches or managers and the core group of players actually came back. No one will be in a cab on his way to the Skydome getting dressed minutes before kickoff. This is a team that knows one another, that likes one another and that WANTS to win, game in and game out. So, am I worried about the result tomorrow night? Not a chance. This is our game and our team is going to be victorious! 

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