Tuesday, March 13, 2012

They're Heeerrre!!

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What's here? Really, did you just ask that?  Do you even read this blog - shoo; go on, no blog for you!  OK, the rest of you who didn't ask that silly question know what I'm talking about - my TFC SSH Tickets are here!  Finally, after seeing picture after picture and reading tweet after tweet as seemingly everyone else received their's - I have my very own!!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!  I wait for this day every year - there are few things in this world that make me happier than getting my tickets for the upcoming season - it means the season is really here and that I get to watch my beloved Reds play week in, week out - happiness!  I have to give a shout out to the awesome Purolator guy that agreed to come back later on this afternoon (after showing up this morning while I was working) when I was home from work - when I got home a good two hours late imagine my surprise when he showed up minutes later; said "he decided to try on his way home in case I was there". Saved me an expensive cab ride or having to beg a ride from a friend to the Purolator Depot my tickets always end up at (i.e. nowhere near where I live).

Now as happy as I am (tickets!) with the majority of the package - cheers to the tin, like the tickets themselves (especially the focus on the kids, although why so many duplicates of players?) - I am not as chuffed with the scarf itself.  Although according to Paul B. from TFC I am in the minority; I do not like the red and white badge - where's the grey! Greycism! Seriously, are they suddenly changing the badge?  However, this evening Paul assuaged my fears in stating that they are NOT changing the badge that we all love - this is merely a nod to the design/kit that the fans voted (not me, I voted for the black kit) for last season. So bullet dodged and worries of some sort of terrible logo (de)volution wiped away.  Otherwise I actually quite like the scarf - love the Toronto Football Club spelled out across it (felt that was missing the past two years) and the vibrant red is great. Enough dissecting the scarf you say? Alright, alright moving on...

All that matters (Yes, I know, CCL match - be patient) is that in 11 days I will get to hold my scarf aloft from my seat, loudly (and hopefully in tune) sing the national anthem and cheer TFC on to victory at the home opener.  Be there or sell your Season Tickets to someone who will be. 

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