Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crew-sing For A Losing

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It's game day boys and girls! Time to refocus on MLS play and that team that we all love to hate; no not the Impact (that's next week) but our hated (mildly disliked?) rivals the Columbus Crew. While the bloom may be off the rose of rivaldom between the two teams it is still frustrating as a fan that TFC have never defeated them here on our home pitch - I say that changes today! Those 3 points are TFC's for the taking - our boys need to start capitalizing on the relatively easy start to the season and not only rack up some points but as previously stated, turn BMO back into that intimidating fortress it once was (it was, really).  I for one don't care about the Trillium Cup as it was never anything more than a mostly meaningless bit of silverware; I care about our team getting that first win of this young MLS season and what better team to get that win against? 

The Crew is not exactly a team to fear and even with a tired and potentially depleted TFC side (expect Winter to rest some players) our Reds have more than enough talent to take this game.  Danny Koevermans will be looking to score his first goal of the season and as he can't play in Torreon due to YC accumulation he'll be fired up. Danny has looked sharper the last couple of games and has hopefully put that match fitness question to rest. Eric Avila will also certainly get some time today being cup tied for CCL competition and will be looking to impress. There are some defensive questions with both Ecks and Aceval suffering various knocks in Wednesday's match - look for Logan Emory and perhaps Junior Burgos to see some time today. And I know that everyone (myself included) is excited about the imminent return of Adrian Cann but I do not expect to see him this afternoon in anything other than the reserve match that follows the MLS match - let's not rush this; we need him back and fully fit - it's a long season for our boys, let's not lose more players.

Yes Tony Tchani (still complaining about the weather, still looking for someone to go get wings with) will possibly be out there today. I know many that bemoaned his loss and that there were many "that's what we got for DeRo" comments once he was traded away (hey Andy Iro, hope all is well), but I for one was not that sad to see him go. He's just OK in my book even if he had a couple of nice performances while wearing red. And no, I'm not looking to reopen the DeRo book; it's done, it's over - move on.  

Today I'm looking forward to not sitting in the rain while watching my team. I am expecting a more timely crowd arrival as everyone has an extra hour to get their butts to BMO - kickoff is at 2pm people - be in your damn seats!  I know it's been a tough go for us fans in regards to MLS play, but that is no reason to not be there to cheer on our team. This is why we're fans right? Right, that's what I thought - so be there or, well I don't know all of you so there aren't any tangible consequences except one - how ticked will you be to have missed their first MLS win of the season? Thought so, see you there.


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