Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Biggest Game Ever - Escape from LA

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OK boys and girls this is it; the BIG one.  Do our beloved Reds come back from Cali with a berth in the Semis or do we have to watch Becks and the boys be smug and insufferable as they take their (self-bestowed rightful) place in the next round? 

I say NO!  Our team is more than capable of taking it to the Galaxy and coming home with that place in the semis. Becks and the boys proved themselves ready for the taking with that weak defensive line and the poor things are just plain worn out from that drubbing that RSL handed to them on Saturday. If you didn't get to see that, then I am sorry - it was delicious to watch them scrambling helplessly, running around the pitch, wearing themselves out. Thanks RSL, we owe you a beer!

The team will have JDG and Soolsma back in the mix after both were unable to play last week due to suspension over yellow card accumulation. So what you say?  The team did pretty well without them? Trust me; the Reds will be in much better shape with JDG in the midfield and Soolsma either as a sub for Plata or vice versa - that extra quality could be what seals the win.

The really important question is what are you doing today to ensure that they win tonight? What do you mean you have no influence?  Are we or are we not the 12th man? Just because we're not there doesn't mean we don't support with all our heart!  Whether you are heading to your local pub, having a viewing party at home or just watching on your own (and you had better be watching!) make sure you are kitted out in your TFC red - wear your scarf, hell chant at your TV (or laptop), be loud!!  

To get you really pumped up for tonight - as though you needed that, I'm so twitchy & excited I can barely sit still to write this - visit my friends over at The Yorkies for their patented Match-up and then head over to Waking The Red for their exhaustive work on this match - they even have a reporter on the ground in LA! 

In the meantime I'll leave you with this video from last week - get excited, get pumped, get loud!!


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